SimCity buildit is a very popular game which is quite addictive. This game can be played on both IOS and Android devices, and it is not like the ordinary video games. That game was developed by the EA and was published in 2014. Here you will play the character of a mayor where your job is to build the City. After building the city, you will have to make sure that the people who are living in that city are getting all the services. Instead of the services, you will get taxes that will help you to upgrade the buildings and infrastructures and will more factories. For gaining more population, you will have to make the residential area near to any hospitals, park or beaches.

Strategies for the game

Always produce different types of item continuously. If you feel to sell them, then Daniel is there for buying it.

Always purchase the cheese, beef, fruit, creams, etc. from the farmers market.

If any of your factories are full then always try to buy a new one. Always make sure that the production is regular. If you can see that any of the product is produced in huge amount, then you trade them. For more resources, you can also upgrade the buildings.

Always look for the sales and see the rare items in there. Whenever you will find sale buy the maximum items. If then you notice that you don’t need the stuff then you can easily sell them to Daniel for getting more simcity buildit free simcash.

Do not keep one cross street. Try to place your city in a shape of alphabet E.

Always built a city which has all the basic needs of the water, food or health. Do not keep the building that is of no use to you.

If you are trying to build the skyscrapers, then you have to keep more basics. You have to make your city special by covering more areas for Landmark, gambling, transportation, park, entertainment, etc.

Keep these pointers in mind for playing the game effectively. If you want, then you can also use some tools that will help you to gain more simcity buildit free simcash. Look for the tutorials that will give you an overview of the entire game. And do not spend your entire

Try to use the simcity buildit hack at the beginning of the game and try to save them for the later up gradation.

SimCity Buildit is a construction game where you have to be the mayor and make all the buildings and keep updating them. You can play this on your mobile or tablets. Always use proper strategies for winning this game and avoid spending on unnecessary services.

Important things to know about this game

It is very much important to expand the population gradually in this game. You have to create a huge city and make sure that it has all the necessary buildings and factories so that you can run everything without any issues. So it is very much important to have a maximum number of people in the city and for that, you have to build many new residences and keep upgrading them. If you can make maximum people live in the city, then it will help you in gaining more taxes which you can easily use for improving your projects. You can also build some parks and keep all the population happy by providing minimum services.

You should always focus on running the residential areas properly in this game. You can easily make use of your city properly by offering all the services required. If you are thinking of building any residential zones, then you should have Police stations, fire stations, and many similar buildings in that area. All these buildings should be constructed close to the residential zones so that it can make the residential area more suitable for living so that you can generate more taxes.

When it is about re-organizing or organizing any buildings, then you should avoid paying anything if you have that in your city already. You should always customize the city the way you like it so when it needs any changing of the location or the building and the streets then you should check whether your city needs that change or not.

Always build the factories which can produce basic materials like the seeds, plastic, minerals, foods, or the metals. Before you start making other important things for the city, you should make sure that all the things required for making goods are present in your city and that you are using a simcity buildit hack. After doing this, you should make the stores which will have these items and will sell these items for more money. When all the goods will be repairing itself and will take huge time allocation, then you can easily move around the residential areas and popup the bubbles for getting new things or you can visit any other cities. Always leave the things which need a long time to finish and do it in the night time.

Building or upgrading the residential areas will need different materials which you can get it from the factories or take the items which come from the stores. Always make sure that you have all the basic materials all the time so that you can easily keep the population happy. You can also build beautiful and healthy neighborhood by providing all the necessary services to them. Make sure that industrial areas are very much away from the residential area.

Keep these points in mind if you are going to build a good environment for your population and precede more in this game. Because here you have to think about the people living in that area and providing all the basic needs is a vital part.