What makes a game interesting? I know the majority of you have the same answer, i.e., challenges, which is absolutely true. No one likes to play a game where one can get everything like a piece of cake, but they don’t want it extremely hard as well. Clash Royale game has been the most challenging game of all time due to which cheats and hacks are another aspects of it. We are about to learn some hacks that let you win challenging levels easily.

Watch out your offensive approach

The game is the result of Clash of Clan and card battling mechanics. Players tend to stress & freak out when they see their tower under attack. Do not forget that games are the imitation of real-world so make your strategies according to it. Be calm and never rush for anything, make strategies and control your troops according to it. Stick to the plan and wait until you take down minimum one Rival tower. Once you get this one and then attack them. The best way to double your elixir refills is to wait until the time is up.

Use fireballs & arrows smartly

Many players start attacking the tower as soon as they enter the enemy’s area. However, in this way you are only wasting your arrows. Your aim to take down the King tower and thus, you need to use your arrows as well as firewalls strategically. If you are sure enough that you can take down rival towers other than the king tower, and then attack them. Combine attacks; play smart with your troops and save your firewalls and arrows for attacking the king’s tower. Using arrow cards otherwise won’t work well, and you will just wait for it.

Know how to use your Elixir Intelligent?

What is the biggest mistake a player does? They send stronger troops at first and misunderstood the entire battle concept. The right thing you could do is to flood the battlefield with small units at first so that your enemies get engaged and then play your “strong troop” card. Coming to the elixir card then use it to spawn troops that are extremely powerful. Overspending your elixir is just not a good thing to do.

Employ your best troop cards

Are Troop cards like the wishes granted by a “Gene” right? Player’s favorite troop cards are super goblin and goblin that falls into the category of cheap Elixir. If you feel like using such elixir, then you can use them. The next card is “Archers,” meant for long-range troops and they are set near the towers. To wipe out multiple troops at a time then baby dragon cards are the best option. Barbarians’ cards can tear up the opponent troops easily. Talking about  Golems then they are the strongest cards among all and best to use when you need it the most. You can get all of these by using clash royale free gems 2018

Clash Royale gaming tips are useful for new players and experienced one can learn many strategies from this content. Don’t play the game as other players play it, go for different strategies.

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