Guns of a boom, a multiplayer FPS game that allows two players to have a face to face fight is available in wide range of settings. The game has the incredible control system. The character is free to move and to control its movement player use a virtual stick. There is another stick to aim the target. The left one is for controlling the character of your game while the right one is for pointing the target.

To shoot your enemy, no need to press the button until he is within the range of your weapon. Once he comes in the range, you can shoot him automatically. As the player reaches to the next level, new content gets unlocked. Among these materials, weapons are the one that a player needs. You can also modify your character with the help of the character skins that will unlock once you earned experience in the game or reach to higher levels.

It is an excellent game that has nice graphics and perfect controls that smoothly operates on the touchscreens. A great mobile game Guns of a boom is easily controllable. It is entirely a game of strategy and enhances the thinking skills of the player by effectively targeting their enemies.

Below are some tips to play the game:

Tip 1- automatic

As there are various weapons which you will only get on completion of a level, so it is necessary which weapon is the right one. Automatic rifles are the best one as it can kill the enemy in a second. You can hit the enemies nonstop as it firing rate is fast. Automatic rifles have the longer range that means you can shoot the enemies those who are very far from your location. Shoot the shotguns because they are fast. If you are on the open battlefield, then these rifles are the best one.

Tip 2- shotguns

To kill the enemies, those are nearby shotguns the good one. They can damage more with a single hit. Thus they are effective. They are the perfect weapons for the close area location. They do immense damage and kill enemies faster than automatic rifles.

Tip 3- grenade

In the game, the most destructive weapon is the grenade. It can kill all the enemies nearby to the target. They do fatal damage explosion. With one single explosion, you can kill more than one enemy at the same time. Hit the target with it. Your throw should be perfect and hit the enemy. If it does not hit the target and explodes near to it, then he might not get `killed. But if his health is low then he will get killed. Don’t kill those nearby you otherwise you will also get affected by its explosion.

Tip 4- knife

You can also kill the enemy with a knife only if has no armor and you’ve bought the best knife with guns of boom free coins. But if has any weapon then it will not kill him. It is difficult to use the knife, but with a hide and surprise attack, you can hit the target hard.

So, these were the weapons that you can use in Guns of a boom to kill more and more enemies leading to the next level.

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