Are you a Top Design addict? Do you want to get your HGTV on but don’t want to make it a career? Well, the gaming community has found a way to let you flex your design muscles without taking out a small business loan. Whether you want to gussy up an office space or build a whole town, you’ll find something to keep you entertained for hours. Plus, you never know what’s going to inspire you make over that back den you have with the shag carpet.

Home Sweet Home

This interactive game gives you the job of a real interior designer! On each project you decipher client preferences, create your own fabulous design, and direct your design team to complete the project. Part brain teaser, part design challenge, Home Sweet Home uses riddles and clues to help you interpret what your client wants. It comes with over 50 client riddles to solve, not to mention the abundance of furniture choices, wall coverings, and art to help you turn an empty room into a chic living space. Just make sure you complete your project on budget and on time!

Build In Time

Build your way through decades of American design as Mark Retro, a fresh faced kid with nothing but a dream and a family secret. He gets hired by Anderson Construction, the largest building firm on the West Coast, at the prompting of his Uncle Al. The only catch – he never knew he had an Uncle Al! He’s been estranged from the Retro family due to some mysterious family feud.

Well, that’s how he got the job, but how successful he becomes is up to the player. Build homes for starlets, hippies, yuppies, and more as you take his career from 1950 to 2009. Make sure your projects stay true to their eras in this design retrospective. You can even add cool features like observatories or pirate ships. How much the client likes his or her home is how you earn life points for Mark Retro and his wife, Norma Jean. Don’t leave this lovely couple in the poor house!

Build A Lot

Are you more interested in being a real estate mogul than an interior designer? Then this is the game for you! Work closely with the mayors of eight different towns in order to raise property values and add curb appeal. You never know what sort of request will come next, so be prepared for anything! Construct entire neighborhoods of posh living, or flip existing homes. Cool upgrades like bowling alleys or swimming pools are available to up resale value. Plus, it’s not just residential ‘hoods you can play with in this game. Amp up your community by building cinemas, ice rinks, and more. Basically, go ahead and build…a LOT!

Be Rich

Be Rich is pretty similiar to Build-A-Lot; actually it’s a good practice game since the difficulty level is lower. There’s no real story to the game, but you will have an adivisor who guides you through different towns all over the US, setting up neighborhoods and communities. There are seven different types of homes to set up, from a bungalow to a chateau. Increase your rent value by adding decorations around the stores and earn extra money by setting up shops, amusement parks and cinemas.

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