The game Free Fire Battleground has gained a lot of fame and is in high demand. The developers are making further improvements in the game. The improvements have impressed the gamers a lot and have enhanced their love of shooting and firing. The gamers are of various classes and have been featured with some of the unique shooting skills that dominate the firing zone entirely. Each of the players tries to stay till the very last session of the game. Each of the players in the game tries to remain the game till the very last and become a brand new winner. All the shooter goes on trying the new and innovative technique. The players use the technique of camouflaging or kidnapping for winning the sessions. Even the feature of brainwash and genetic change are much appreciated by them. The best place to practice shoot is while parachute driving and getting placed in the very right corner to achieve the given targets.

Tricks of using the map in the game

If players make a habit of using the map then it’s a very good option for success. It is a good habit to move along with the direction of the map. The main advantage of using map is you can easily explore various placed on your wish. There are diverse fields where players can find there shooting areas.

There are some specific areas in the Free Fire Battleground where if you want you can also hide and go undercover.

You can also choose trench for providing you an exact hiding corner.

One thing the players have to understand that there are various sources from where players can learn the techniques and the styles of play. But one should try to get diamonds before learning these techniques/buying them. But first, in order to get free fire battlegrounds diamonds, you will have to either hack free fire or purchase diamonds from the store.

Each player should possess a style that is completely unique from each other.

Sometimes according to the game pattern, players may also have to wait for the very right moment.Till then get undercover and hide for the arrival of the perfect moment of attack.

The developers have included a new vehicle in the game- a jeep. It is basically a very strong vehicle that enables the gamer to play the game with complete protection. But always be alert upon the arrival of your enemies. Try to be the last survivor.

Guide for the right use of weapons in Free Fire Battleground

Most of the time, the gamers fail to achieve the right position in the game because of exact weapons. So it’s better if you wait for the perfect time before unnecessary railing of the bullets. You must remember one thing that spending your bullets in the wrong time will make your loose points. It will also make you suffer a lot when you need bullets. If you rain bullets often, you become an easy target for your opponents and they easily come to know about your current position. So don’t let your rivals know your position and end your life very soon. Play the game with some of the basic tricks that will make you survive till the very last.

You must know to develop your own technique one after the other. Patience is an important factor in this game. Try to keep with yourself all the weapons and keep patience for your turn to fire. Have the appropriate knowledge for everything you need to know for playing the game. You must know how to finish off your rivals with heavy firing before they can turn on to you. Be focused and concentrate in your firing till the end of the game.

Being a self described geek, picking the Top 5 Smartphones for Business is an easy task. You can find me reading the latest news on new devices and sharing that information with friends. However, when I researched this topic and saw the top 5, I was only surprised with one device that made it on the list.
Here are the top 5 smartphones for business according to Enterprise Mobile Today.

1. APPLE iPHONE 3GS –$199 (16GB), $299 (32GB) AT T;


3. HTC TOUCH PRO2–$269.99 (T-MOBILE) $349.99 (SPRINT)

4. BLACKBERRY BOLD 9700--$130 (T-MOBILE) $99 (AT T;)


With respect to the list, let’s look at the number 1 device first, the Apple iPhone 3GS.

Apple has done a great job with this device, making it user friendly with a multitude of business applications. iPhone owners become addicted to it because they believe it can do everything a handheld computer would do. The 3GS browser is an improvement over the 3G, critics say the browser is “superb.”

However, my one drawback on the device is that it is more a multimedia device than a phone. The phone experiences frequent dropped calls, and sound quality is poor and the battery drains quickly. But, everything else, the graphics, the video recording, and the apps are superb. I recommend working on the phone element of the device for the next generation of iPhones. As a business owner, dropped calls are unacceptable.

The Droid is the phone that Motorola is betting the store on. With all its financial upheavals at this perennial communications company, the Droid is being touted as the phone that will save Motorola from itself.

In a nutshell, the Droid’s battery life is awesome, no frequent recharges here; and it boasts a huge 3.7 inch high resolution screen. However, I found the keyboard to be cumbersome if you have large fingers. Maybe this keyboard is better for someone with small hands.

Like in previous Motorola phones, the sound quality is lacking. Even on maximum volume, sound quality is average. I’m sure Motorola is working on that problem as I type. The speed in which the Droid responds to commands is lightning fast, so you may forget about not hearing your caller and just keep the phone for the duration of the contract and get the upgrade as soon as it becomes available. As a business device, the one drawback is the sound quality, everything else stacks up to a good device.

My personal favorite is the HTC Touch Pro2. I bought this device because it allows me to receive all my emails, keep track of my favorite social networks, and runs on the Windows Mobile platform. I didn’t know how I would need Windows Mobile Office until I was taking a train trip recently and didn’t have access to the internet.

A client needed a document that was stored on my laptop ASAP, so I merely connected my Touch Pro2 to the laptop, moved the document from the laptop to the phone, and sent the document by email as an attachment. My client was happy, and I got paid. The only thing I recommend about this phone, is definitely buy a vehicle charger. It sucks up battery life really fast! But, other than that, being able to perform a task like making my client happy paid for the price of the device.

Being a former Blackberry owner, I can identify with having ‘crackberry’ syndrome. That is, the occurrence of being addicted to using your Blackberry and never letting it out of your sight. I owned a Blackberry Curve before I jumped to the Touch Pro2 and absolutely loved it. I just got tired of the RIM service outages.

Another dislike of mine with Blackberry is the browser, because RIM chooses to run its own, this short changes owners from experiencing a true web experience. The Blackberry has always been the ultimate business smartphone, however, competitors are spring boarding smartphone concepts that Blackberry started and making them better. The phone looks good, the browser is a little better than before, but RIM needs to get some real creativity going before it loses its core customer base. As a business smartphone, there are better options out there.

Few know that the Google Nexus One is made by HTC. That being said, the phone has a lot of potential, and for this being Google’s first jump into the smartphone/Android fire, it’s a good one. Google also kind of threw out a challenge of things to come to other wireless providers, it offers the Nexus One in an unlocked version, meaning you can buy this phone without a contract and run it on a CDMA network.

Here are a couple of glitches that will probably be resolved in the next generation of Google phones, that is the limited internal memory (the need for a memory card slot is necessary); the media player is just, okay, it doesn’t make you want to use it a lot; you cannot sync your Outlook calendar on this phone, maybe because Google has its own calendar and wants to promote use of that. Also there isn’t any multi-touch or Bluetooth dialing on this device. Oh, and early termination fees hit you double by both Google and T-Mobile. Ouch!

Truly, one day, the Nexus One will become the smartphone that changes the game. But right now, it has to work out some internal difficulties. Maybe when the Nexus ne grows up, it will be the smartphone that changes the game. PR: wait… I: wait… L: wait… LD: wait… I: wait…wait… Rank: wait… Traffic: wait… Price: wait… C: wait… PR: wait… I: wait… L: wait… LD: wait… I: wait…wait… Rank: wait… Traffic: wait… Price: wait… C: wait…

SimCity buildit is a very popular game which is quite addictive. This game can be played on both IOS and Android devices, and it is not like the ordinary video games. That game was developed by the EA and was published in 2014. Here you will play the character of a mayor where your job is to build the City. After building the city, you will have to make sure that the people who are living in that city are getting all the services. Instead of the services, you will get taxes that will help you to upgrade the buildings and infrastructures and will more factories. For gaining more population, you will have to make the residential area near to any hospitals, park or beaches.

Strategies for the game

Always produce different types of item continuously. If you feel to sell them, then Daniel is there for buying it.

Always purchase the cheese, beef, fruit, creams, etc. from the farmers market.

If any of your factories are full then always try to buy a new one. Always make sure that the production is regular. If you can see that any of the product is produced in huge amount, then you trade them. For more resources, you can also upgrade the buildings.

Always look for the sales and see the rare items in there. Whenever you will find sale buy the maximum items. If then you notice that you don’t need the stuff then you can easily sell them to Daniel for getting more simcity buildit free simcash.

Do not keep one cross street. Try to place your city in a shape of alphabet E.

Always built a city which has all the basic needs of the water, food or health. Do not keep the building that is of no use to you.

If you are trying to build the skyscrapers, then you have to keep more basics. You have to make your city special by covering more areas for Landmark, gambling, transportation, park, entertainment, etc.

Keep these pointers in mind for playing the game effectively. If you want, then you can also use some tools that will help you to gain more simcity buildit free simcash. Look for the tutorials that will give you an overview of the entire game. And do not spend your entire

Try to use the simcity buildit hack at the beginning of the game and try to save them for the later up gradation.

Are you a Top Design addict? Do you want to get your HGTV on but don’t want to make it a career? Well, the gaming community has found a way to let you flex your design muscles without taking out a small business loan. Whether you want to gussy up an office space or build a whole town, you’ll find something to keep you entertained for hours. Plus, you never know what’s going to inspire you make over that back den you have with the shag carpet.

Home Sweet Home

This interactive game gives you the job of a real interior designer! On each project you decipher client preferences, create your own fabulous design, and direct your design team to complete the project. Part brain teaser, part design challenge, Home Sweet Home uses riddles and clues to help you interpret what your client wants. It comes with over 50 client riddles to solve, not to mention the abundance of furniture choices, wall coverings, and art to help you turn an empty room into a chic living space. Just make sure you complete your project on budget and on time!

Build In Time

Build your way through decades of American design as Mark Retro, a fresh faced kid with nothing but a dream and a family secret. He gets hired by Anderson Construction, the largest building firm on the West Coast, at the prompting of his Uncle Al. The only catch – he never knew he had an Uncle Al! He’s been estranged from the Retro family due to some mysterious family feud.

Well, that’s how he got the job, but how successful he becomes is up to the player. Build homes for starlets, hippies, yuppies, and more as you take his career from 1950 to 2009. Make sure your projects stay true to their eras in this design retrospective. You can even add cool features like observatories or pirate ships. How much the client likes his or her home is how you earn life points for Mark Retro and his wife, Norma Jean. Don’t leave this lovely couple in the poor house!

Build A Lot

Are you more interested in being a real estate mogul than an interior designer? Then this is the game for you! Work closely with the mayors of eight different towns in order to raise property values and add curb appeal. You never know what sort of request will come next, so be prepared for anything! Construct entire neighborhoods of posh living, or flip existing homes. Cool upgrades like bowling alleys or swimming pools are available to up resale value. Plus, it’s not just residential ‘hoods you can play with in this game. Amp up your community by building cinemas, ice rinks, and more. Basically, go ahead and build…a LOT!

Be Rich

Be Rich is pretty similiar to Build-A-Lot; actually it’s a good practice game since the difficulty level is lower. There’s no real story to the game, but you will have an adivisor who guides you through different towns all over the US, setting up neighborhoods and communities. There are seven different types of homes to set up, from a bungalow to a chateau. Increase your rent value by adding decorations around the stores and earn extra money by setting up shops, amusement parks and cinemas.

Be sure to check out these great casual games at and!

Without any doubt, Mobile Legends is one of the most popular online multiplayer strategy games out there. However, the game can get quite boring when you are not able to generate a sufficient amount of resources. This mainly happens when you are unskilled with the game or are unable to put in the time to participate in battles. If this is the case, then Mobile Legends cheats are the absolute recommendation for you. It allows you to generate unlimited resources as many times as you want. The cheat tool is accessible round the clock. You can even use it directly from the game when you are in immediate need of resources.

How do the Mobile Legends cheats work and how to get battle points in mobile legends?

Cheats for the game are developed by a team of experienced programmers and is, therefore, very secure without any loopholes. The tool generates resources and transfers them directly to your gaming account using reliable proxy servers. This ensures that your IP address is not given away at any cost. Since there are no restrictions of any kind, you can generate the resources at your own free will and quickly rise to the top of the game. While you do this, no one will even get a whiff about the reason for your success.

The best part about these cheats is that are usually totally online. Since you are not required to download anything into your device, there will be no risk of malware entering your device. However, you can bookmark the official page for cheats and save it in your browser. This will allow you easy and quick access whenever you are in need. The cheat tools are supported on all devices and platforms. Hence, you do not have to worry about compatibility. However, you may have to go through a special verification process at the time of changing device.

How to use the cheats?

Good Mobile Legends cheats are very easy to use. When you are new, the tool itself will guide you through the resource generation process, making it possible for even the layman to use the cheats. The steps to resource generation are outlined in the following steps:

Visit the official page for Mobile Legends cheats

Create an account for yourself by giving your ID and username for the game

Choose the resources you want to generate. It should be noted that you can generate more than one type of resources at the same time

Select the amount of resources you wish to generate

Click on the “enter” icon

This completes the resource generation process. The resources will be directly transferred into your account. It may take a few minutes, depending on the amount you have generated.

What are special features of Mobile Legends cheats tool?

There is no bar on the number of times you can use it per day

There is no bar on the amount of resources you can generate

You are not required to make any payments

It is 100% safe to use.

SimCity Buildit is a construction game where you have to be the mayor and make all the buildings and keep updating them. You can play this on your mobile or tablets. Always use proper strategies for winning this game and avoid spending on unnecessary services.

Important things to know about this game

It is very much important to expand the population gradually in this game. You have to create a huge city and make sure that it has all the necessary buildings and factories so that you can run everything without any issues. So it is very much important to have a maximum number of people in the city and for that, you have to build many new residences and keep upgrading them. If you can make maximum people live in the city, then it will help you in gaining more taxes which you can easily use for improving your projects. You can also build some parks and keep all the population happy by providing minimum services.

You should always focus on running the residential areas properly in this game. You can easily make use of your city properly by offering all the services required. If you are thinking of building any residential zones, then you should have Police stations, fire stations, and many similar buildings in that area. All these buildings should be constructed close to the residential zones so that it can make the residential area more suitable for living so that you can generate more taxes.

When it is about re-organizing or organizing any buildings, then you should avoid paying anything if you have that in your city already. You should always customize the city the way you like it so when it needs any changing of the location or the building and the streets then you should check whether your city needs that change or not.

Always build the factories which can produce basic materials like the seeds, plastic, minerals, foods, or the metals. Before you start making other important things for the city, you should make sure that all the things required for making goods are present in your city and that you are using a simcity buildit hack. After doing this, you should make the stores which will have these items and will sell these items for more money. When all the goods will be repairing itself and will take huge time allocation, then you can easily move around the residential areas and popup the bubbles for getting new things or you can visit any other cities. Always leave the things which need a long time to finish and do it in the night time.

Building or upgrading the residential areas will need different materials which you can get it from the factories or take the items which come from the stores. Always make sure that you have all the basic materials all the time so that you can easily keep the population happy. You can also build beautiful and healthy neighborhood by providing all the necessary services to them. Make sure that industrial areas are very much away from the residential area.

Keep these points in mind if you are going to build a good environment for your population and precede more in this game. Because here you have to think about the people living in that area and providing all the basic needs is a vital part.

What makes a game interesting? I know the majority of you have the same answer, i.e., challenges, which is absolutely true. No one likes to play a game where one can get everything like a piece of cake, but they don’t want it extremely hard as well. Clash Royale game has been the most challenging game of all time due to which cheats and hacks are another aspects of it. We are about to learn some hacks that let you win challenging levels easily.

Watch out your offensive approach

The game is the result of Clash of Clan and card battling mechanics. Players tend to stress & freak out when they see their tower under attack. Do not forget that games are the imitation of real-world so make your strategies according to it. Be calm and never rush for anything, make strategies and control your troops according to it. Stick to the plan and wait until you take down minimum one Rival tower. Once you get this one and then attack them. The best way to double your elixir refills is to wait until the time is up.

Use fireballs & arrows smartly

Many players start attacking the tower as soon as they enter the enemy’s area. However, in this way you are only wasting your arrows. Your aim to take down the King tower and thus, you need to use your arrows as well as firewalls strategically. If you are sure enough that you can take down rival towers other than the king tower, and then attack them. Combine attacks; play smart with your troops and save your firewalls and arrows for attacking the king’s tower. Using arrow cards otherwise won’t work well, and you will just wait for it.

Know how to use your Elixir Intelligent?

What is the biggest mistake a player does? They send stronger troops at first and misunderstood the entire battle concept. The right thing you could do is to flood the battlefield with small units at first so that your enemies get engaged and then play your “strong troop” card. Coming to the elixir card then use it to spawn troops that are extremely powerful. Overspending your elixir is just not a good thing to do.

Employ your best troop cards

Are Troop cards like the wishes granted by a “Gene” right? Player’s favorite troop cards are super goblin and goblin that falls into the category of cheap Elixir. If you feel like using such elixir, then you can use them. The next card is “Archers,” meant for long-range troops and they are set near the towers. To wipe out multiple troops at a time then baby dragon cards are the best option. Barbarians’ cards can tear up the opponent troops easily. Talking about  Golems then they are the strongest cards among all and best to use when you need it the most. You can get all of these by using clash royale free gems 2018

Clash Royale gaming tips are useful for new players and experienced one can learn many strategies from this content. Don’t play the game as other players play it, go for different strategies.

Guns of a boom, a multiplayer FPS game that allows two players to have a face to face fight is available in wide range of settings. The game has the incredible control system. The character is free to move and to control its movement player use a virtual stick. There is another stick to aim the target. The left one is for controlling the character of your game while the right one is for pointing the target.

To shoot your enemy, no need to press the button until he is within the range of your weapon. Once he comes in the range, you can shoot him automatically. As the player reaches to the next level, new content gets unlocked. Among these materials, weapons are the one that a player needs. You can also modify your character with the help of the character skins that will unlock once you earned experience in the game or reach to higher levels.

It is an excellent game that has nice graphics and perfect controls that smoothly operates on the touchscreens. A great mobile game Guns of a boom is easily controllable. It is entirely a game of strategy and enhances the thinking skills of the player by effectively targeting their enemies.

Below are some tips to play the game:

Tip 1- automatic

As there are various weapons which you will only get on completion of a level, so it is necessary which weapon is the right one. Automatic rifles are the best one as it can kill the enemy in a second. You can hit the enemies nonstop as it firing rate is fast. Automatic rifles have the longer range that means you can shoot the enemies those who are very far from your location. Shoot the shotguns because they are fast. If you are on the open battlefield, then these rifles are the best one.

Tip 2- shotguns

To kill the enemies, those are nearby shotguns the good one. They can damage more with a single hit. Thus they are effective. They are the perfect weapons for the close area location. They do immense damage and kill enemies faster than automatic rifles.

Tip 3- grenade

In the game, the most destructive weapon is the grenade. It can kill all the enemies nearby to the target. They do fatal damage explosion. With one single explosion, you can kill more than one enemy at the same time. Hit the target with it. Your throw should be perfect and hit the enemy. If it does not hit the target and explodes near to it, then he might not get `killed. But if his health is low then he will get killed. Don’t kill those nearby you otherwise you will also get affected by its explosion.

Tip 4- knife

You can also kill the enemy with a knife only if has no armor and you’ve bought the best knife with guns of boom free coins. But if has any weapon then it will not kill him. It is difficult to use the knife, but with a hide and surprise attack, you can hit the target hard.

So, these were the weapons that you can use in Guns of a boom to kill more and more enemies leading to the next level.

Some people wonder whether those people who play games on their smart phones should be considered “gamers” at all. They might be hooked on to a game or different games but only on their phones.

True gamers, who consider playing only on the PC, might think the games on the smart phones are not really hard-core gaming since they sometimes go on auto play and the game just plays for you while you just make a few instructions or moves. They are however, wrong in this aspect. Those playing games on their smart phones mean serious business. They spend hours at a stretch and are more involved in the game as they have to check up on their farm or kingdom every few minutes or else they will lose everything they worked for.

So then, many people wonder – can smartphone games like the famous Clash of Clans be downloaded on your PC? The answer is, absolutely! It can easily be downloaded on your PC so you can play Clash of Clans on the bigger screen easily if you prefer to do so!

Clash of clans is hardcore game involving clans and you join or become part of a clan where you attack or defend from other players who are part of another clan to protect your base. There are more than a million of players worldwide and this game has gained immense popularity over the years.

How to Download Clash of Clans on Your PC

  1. You need to download and install an Android Emulator where the clanshacker game is available and that will work.
  2. After downloading, run the android emulator and log in to the Google play store.
  3. Once you are on the Google play store, search of “Clash of Clans” and simply click download, it is a free game so no need to pay anything.
  4. Finally, after the downloading is finished, install the game.
  5. Start the game and you can finally become part of the Clash of Clans family and start playing on your PC!

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo is the do-it-all, hi-tech, and stylish Android smartphone of your dreams and these cool Xperia Neo features are what sets it apart from the other Android phones on the market.

Ergonomic and Luxurious Design

One of the first things you’ll likely notice about the Sony Xperia Neo smartphone is its beautiful, ergonomic, and stylish design. The Xperia Neo comes in three colors (red, silver, and blue gradient), features a glossy finish, beautiful curves, and an overall modern tech look and feel to it. When you whip out your Xperia Neo smartphone, it’s bound to turn heads.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Powered

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo phone is powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread is take full advantage of its great features. Android 2.3 Gingerbread is the latest version of Android for smartphones and is packed with great all-new features including, Google Maps in 3D, better power management (for longer lasting batteries), better video chat, non-stop entertainment, Google Apps, social network integration, and much more.

Excellent HD Camera Quality

The Xperia Neo features one of the most advanced camera phones on the market with an 8.1 megapixel auto focus camera with 720p HD video capturing capabilities. Not only is the Xperia Neo’s camera great at capturing videos and still photos, but it’s also packed with great features like LED flash, Geo-tagging, smile detection, image stabilizer, face detection, digital Zoom, and lots of other great features.

Great Entertainment Options

Android 2.3 Gingerbread is more than enough to keep the average person entertained, but the Xperia Neo goes above and beyond to make sure that there’s never a dull moment. In addition Android 2.3 Gingerbread, this smartphone features a media browser, video streaming, motion gaming, 3D games, FM radeio with RDS, HDMI-out to your HDTV, Google Apps, and more.

Advanced Hardware Specs

Not only will the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo Android phone knock you off of your feet with the features listed above, but it’s also packing lots of power under the hood. In addition to the advanced 8.1 megapixel camera, the Xperia Neo also has a supped up 1000 MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 processor, 380MB of RAM, 320MB of ROM, an included memory card, and can be expanded up to 32GB of storage.